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March 08 2018

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Two Tips for Smokers Looking to Quit with the Help of Vaping

People all over New Zealand are interested in vaping for a variety of different reasons. Many see in vaping an accessible way to relax and combat stress while enjoying a boost of energy.

Quite a few others view vaping as a substitute for smoking that could make quitting that habit a lot easier. As those who learn more about the subject at Lawless.co.nz will realize, there are at least a few things vaping novices in this camp will do well to understand.

Quitting Smoking with Help from a New Hobby

Smokers have more options than ever before when it comes to breaking their ties to that unhealthy activity. Even those who make good use of various forms of nicotine replacement, though, often find themselves missing the other pleasures that smoking itself can provide.

Vaping often helps in such cases by providing an alternative that resembles the experience of the original habit. Among those who are interested in the activity for such reasons, understanding the following vaping tips often proves to be especially helpful.

The importance of the throat hit. Any vaping setup will allow its owner to inhale vapor containing a desired concentration of nicotine. That alone can be helpful to many who are trying to quit smoking, but there are also ways of making the odds of success even more likely. Many longtime smokers, for example, develop a craving for the slight burning sensation that often comes along with a pull on a cigarette. While vaping will not always duplicate this feeling precisely, some approaches are more likely than others to replicate this distinctive "throat hit." In particular, vaping liquids that use propylene glycol, or PG, as a medium tend to be the most successful in this respect.

Power pays off for smokers. Another detail that smokers looking for support with quitting do well to consider is how well any particular vaping setup can generate a rich, satisfying vapor. Novice vapers who have never smoked in the past will often be content with systems that only emit a relatively thin, light vapor. Smokers who have relied on cigarettes for many years, on the other hand, will almost always want to seek out more powerful vaping gear right from the start.
There Are Many Vaping Possibilities to Explore

Being aware of issues like these can help smokers turn vaping into an even more helpful ally when it comes to giving up cigarettes. As those who read Lawless for more will see, there are many more tips that can be every bit as useful.

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